Kazooie: were am I? Mittens: your in lalaloopsyland. Kazooie: ahhh you have buttons eyes and yarn hair. Jewel: I she okay. Kazooie: yeah I'm fine button heads. Blossom: she's a diva. Kazooie: what?!!! Ember: oh no she dint. Kazooie: you pink yarn hair girl! Ill peck the buttons out of you!! Bea: sheesh! Kazooie: quite sassy girl or you're next. Bea:(running) ahhh! Kazooie: ha! You can run but you can't hide. Specs: hellow. Kazooie: what are you looking at goggles girls. Specs:(running) ahhh! Kazooie: yeh that's what I thought. Mittens: what's you're name. Kazooie: please don't's kazooie. All: hahahaha! Kazooie: hey my friends name is funny too. All: we're good.

To be counted.

Kazooie:(sigh) can't I just go home and see my friend. Sunny: what's wrong kazooie. Kazooie: nothing you ginger! All:(gasp) Berry: how dare you insult my sister. Kazooie:(crying) I'm sorry but I just miss my friend and your sister reminds me of him. Crumbs: poor thing. Kazooie: hey! I am not a thing I'm a bird for the love of sake! Ember: aww you miss you're friend. Kazooie: yeah(holding a picture of the two of them) All: eekkkkk he's a bear. Kazooie: apparently. Kazooie: do any of you know how to get out of this place? Bea: well... Kazooie: not you again. Bea: you could take the portal to the lala-oopsie land and then there's another Portal to bring you back home. Kazooie: okay!(running) Kazooie: okay here's go nothing. Kazooie: great I'm here with these weirdos.

To be counted.

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